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Football Season Cost:

The cost of our season includes a Customized Jersey with player's name,  Plus: Use of Helmet, Shoulder pads, Game pants, practice jersey/pants, Girdle and Knee pads and/or Padded pants. 

The cost also accounts for: Helmet recalibration fees, Field rental fees, Insurance, League costs, Referee fees, Coaches required certifications, Gear storage fees, and any other associated fees to help run the program. 

We do ask for Sponsorships and fundraising to help with scholarships, replacement of gear, and any needs to help grow our program.
The cost for the Season is $450

  • This is for anyone who registers after 6/1, or those who registered during early registration, but does not make their first payment before 6/1

Early registration is $400 

  • This is for anyone who registers before and pays at least $200 by 6/1

We offer Scholarships for any family who has a player that wants to play football. Please contact us if you have any questions about our scholarships.

Discounts available:
Multi-kid discount- $50 off any child after the first registered
Referral discount- $25 off for any referral of a NEW PLAYER given, that player must indicate in their registration that you referred them. 
             Yes! You can use multiple discounts

            No, Cheer is not included in discounts for the 2024 season.

Football Payment Due Dates:

For Regular Registration
You must pay 50% ($200) of your registration fee before your player receives their equipment, which is 7/29. 

The remaining 50% ($250) of registration is due BEFORE your player receives their jersey AND/OR the Jamboree. Whichever comes first.

For Early registration:
These are the minimum payments that need to be made, you can pay more then this!

  • 50% ($200) of registration must be made by 6/1

  • $100 of registration must be made before receiving equipment (7/29)

  • Final $100 of registration must be made before jamboree (8/24)

Cheer Season Costs:
The cost of our season is $100. This does not include any items that the player keeps.  
This cost helps to account for field rental, insurance, usage of equipment like stereos, signs, etc.

The uniforms are a separate cost, and one that is passed onto the parents at the time of ordering the uniform. We expect these costs to be about $300. 
This amount will pay for:

  • Shell & Skirt

  • Briefs & socks.

  • Poms

  • Practice T-shirt and shorts

  • Bow

  • Bag

  • Warm-ups

  • Shoes

We do ask for fundraising and sponsorships to help with scholorships, purchase new shared equipment, and to grow our program.

We offer Scholarships for any family who has a child that wants to participate in cheer. Please contact us if you have any questions about our scholarships.

Cheer Payment Due Dates:
Registration is due 8/1.

Uniform payment is due upon ordering. This will likely be on or around 6/2. 

Payment Method:
We will accept Check, Cash and digital payments via Paypal and Venmo. Please include your child's name in the note of the digital payment. If you have any issues with digital methods or you would like to send a check, please reach out to us.
Click here for Paypal Link
Or find us on paypal @meadowdalejrfootball, The email you can use to find the paypal account is:

You can also Venmo us at: @MeadowdaleJuniorFootball
You will use the "Donate" button, and make sure to reference your child's name.

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