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2021 Senior Coaches

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Football Coaching Policies

 As a Coach, you are one of the most important elements in youth football. A knowledgeable, team oriented coach brings success to their program which not only reflects on their own team, but all teams within the organization and the league. Our Coaches focus must remain to be a positive role model, to allow for teaching and growth for all the children in the program. 

Meadowdale Jr Football will strive to attract the best Coaches with the experience necessary to run a program that will give each child the proper tools to achieve success. We ask that our Coaches must be familiar with the concepts, goals, and philosophies of our organization, and the North Sound Junior Football League. 

Our requirements for our Meadowdale Jr Football Coaches:

  • Coaches are required to submit to a Washington State background check before any contact with the children.

  • Coaches must be heads up certified before practice starts

  • Coaches must be First aid and CPR certified before jamboree

  • Coaches will represent the program in a positive manner in all events on and off the field. Coaches will show good sportsmanship at all times and be a positive role model for the children.

  • Coaches will attend various mandatory meetings before and during each season. These meeting will consist of Safety, rule changes, team growth and the development of the program. Coaches meetings are conducted to insure that all rules are understood and that all of the requirements are met.  

  • Coaches must keep themselves informed and up to date on the latest training techniques, drills, isometrics and stretching exercises used for developing young bodies. Coaches should know the proper way to instruct blocking, tackling, and other football techniques to prevent injury.  It is YOUR responsibility to attend coaching clinics to assist you in becoming familiar with Philosophies and proper coaching techniques. You must have a thorough knowledge of the rules of the game and of the rules and policies that govern the program. The following two publications combine to make the playing rules for North Sound Jr Football League.

  • All our Coaches are to be concerned with the player’s grades, citizenship and how effective his/her coaching is to the participants. While winning as well as losing is part of football, great emphasis must be placed upon sportsmanship and overall attitude of the team. Coaches must realize that they are not just a coach to their team. Their conduct on and off the field reflects upon their ability to positively impact their team and our community. You must teach teamwork, cooperation, discipline and demand hard work from your athletes. Strive to make practice and games fun and rewarding for the athletes so they will look forward to returning next season.


Coaches found to be in violation of the code of conduct or misrepresentation the program in any manner on or off the field will be subject for disciplinary actions. To include but not limited to temporary suspension to immediate dismissal. All decisions final and not subject to an appeal. 

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